Our Honey Promises


Our purpose is to address the plight of the pollinator. We do this by positively impacting land through the introduction and cultivation of healthy bee forage, breeding queens, mentoring beekeepers and professionally placing and managing hives.


The U.S. honey market is a wild west show. Labels are not entirely truthful, many brands are cut with low grade honeys from China and other Asian markets in order to lower prices on store shelves. The Elysium Honey brand is completely transparent. We tell you where our honey comes from, who the beekeeper is, when it was harvested and its source.


The centuries old concept originating from the fine wine regions of France that embraces the notion that a piece of ground, and its surrounding microclimate, deliver a distinct personality to that which is grown in it and which make it distinct from the character imparted by any other piece of ground. We love this. Accordingly, you can expect us to deliver the finest honeys, wherever we can find them in the world, as long as they are being produced to our standards of land, forage and hive management.

What is monofloral?


Monofloral honey is a type of honey that has unique characteristics attained by a high amount of a specific bloom being the primary source of forage for the bees. The timing of these honeys is key, as the hives are prepared to collect the honey during that limited window, and harvested promptly to retain as much of the specific variety as possible.