Tulip Poplar Honey
Tulip Poplar Honey

Tulip Poplar Honey


North Carolina Piedmont, Montgomery County, NC


Light Amber



Tasting Notes:

Smooth and buttery mouthfeel. Slightly savory, great complexity, brambles, red berries.


Heralded for its beauty, strength, and utility for centuries, the Tulip Poplar is one of the largest and most valuable hardwoods of eastern North America. At Monticello, Thomas Jefferson described it as “the Juno of our Groves”. It is named and noted for its tulip-like flowers: flashy brilliant lemon-lime blooms with splashes of red and orange. During the spring bloom, sticky nectar collects on the flower sepals, an irresistible draw for honeybees and hummingbirds. It is sometimes referred to as "fiddle tree" because of its unique violin-shaped leaves. Although a member of the magnolia family, the tulip poplar is so-called because the fluttering of its leaves resembles those of the poplar genus.