Honor the Land.
Honor the Pollinator.


“Modeling best practices of land and hive management here and abroad to provide the healthiest forage for honeybees and the purest single expression honeys for Americans.”


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Our honey is the consequence of a strategy designed to address a crisis. 50% of honey bee hives are collapsing in the United States annually. Since one-third of the food we eat is pollinated by bees, we have a severe problem. The causes of the collapse vary between mites, viruses, pesticides and GMOs - the last two of which can be dealt with simply by putting hives on healthy land with healthy forage and a talented beekeeper to manage the bees. Elysium honeys are the delightful outcome of doing this properly.

The Elysium Honey brand is completely transparent. We tell you where our honey comes from, who the beekeeper is, when it was harvested and its source. We deliver pure, raw, unadulterated and unpasteurized honey so you may enjoy its best colors, aromas and flavors. The Elysium Honey Company manages over 175 hives in Central Virginia

In addition to selling our honey, we also offer land stewardship services and can advise you on how to properly convert your land to healthy pollinator habitat.


When bees prosper, we prosper.